Safe in the Still

As I occupy my abode
Stand firm like Tree - Guide like Beacon
Darkness rolls by as often as Light
Igniting the Light at my core
I beckon it, be beside me
Put my feet to the Earth - they dance
Take in a dose of fresh clean air
Observe my current surroundings
Sit quiet and still - Feel what’s real
Focus on what makes my heart smile
Give thanks to the glory that be
Bottom nor top is the essence
All of it is happening now
I focus on utopia
Recall my vision, lay my goals
In this way, Dark and Light sit tight
Fight or flight - unnecessary
It’s all a part of the Divine
It’s an elegant, wispy web
Unraveled with haste, it will fall
As I return to the circus
I find I’ve lightened all burdens
Actions aligned with intention
Aware my doing is timeless
Knowing this love will outlast me
It’s past, present, future tense

Published by doccaMedulla

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